Latin Heart music from The Andes

The music culture of the Andes, remains today a vibrant and influential part of Latin and South American music. While the sound of panpipes is embedded in tradition, these Andean Songs have been given a new flavour through the diversity of Latin Heart.

The fusion of modern and traditional instruments that has been applied to each of the songs creates a vibrant sound that still respects the originality of the customs of the Andean people.

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Explore the Rythms & Dances of Peru’s Coastal Regions with native instructor Martin Charcape from Peru.

Participants will learn some of the most well known traditional rythms, songs & dances from the Cajon (wooden box drum) now considered a staple in Latin Percussion kits around the globe, to the exciting footwork. This friendly workshop will share the beauty of Peru’s African Heritage and demonstrate how percussion & dance are intergrated